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2024’s Color of the Year Is Announced: Peach Fuzz

It’s official: 2024’s color of the year has been announced. Next year, everything will be pretty in Peach Fuzz.

This past year, the “It” color, red, lit a flame in the fashion industry. Now, it seems the color trend is simmering the wild flame into a more romantic candle-lit glow. Peach is, after all, a cousin of the color red. Pantone’s color of the year is a subtle peachy pink, giving the trendy color a sweeter, more feminine touch.

Although there are still a few weeks left before the new ye

Alexander McQueen Creative Director Sarah Burton Leaves Luxury Brand

Earlier this week, on Monday, September 11, it was announced creative director Sarah Burton and luxury brand Alexander McQueen will be parting ways.

Burton began her accession into the role of creative director for Alexander McQueen in 1996 as an intern while studying at Central Saint Martins in London. Almost immediately, Burton and McQueen developed a bond like no other. “Burton, who was 21 and shy, found the creator of the bumsters unexpectedly warm,” writes Cathy Horyn from The Cut. She bec

Another Tomorrow Releases New Regenerative Wool Collection for Sustainable Fashion

Considering Another Tomorrow is one of the world’s leading sustainable and ethically transparent fashion labels, it is no surprise that their wool capsule collection is regarded highly. The brand’s popularity thrives in consumer markets not only because of its eco-friendly agenda but also due to the elegant, structured styles of its pieces. Although the brand is on the pricier side for simpler-looking pieces, the quality speaks for itself.

The wool quality used to create the capsule collection

ASOS Suffers Huge Brand Identity Crisis, and New Q4 Sales Reflect What the Brand’s Sales Will Look Like This Season

The Topshop brand owner ASOS is suffering a huge brand identity crisis, and its new Q4 sales report reflects what the brand’s sales will look like this coming season.

If you needed a last-minute knock-out party dress or girls’ night out attire after a long time without your girls, ASOS had you covered. There was no chance the Topshop brand and its low prices would leave you with an empty check-out cart. Unless, of course, you were too slow pulling out your credit card. However, lately, the gold

Balmain's New Collection Stolen Before Paris Fashion Week

This Sunday, Olivier Rousteing announced that 50 of Balmain’s women’s wear pieces intended for the Paris Fashion Show have gone missing.

Balmain Creative Director Olivier Rousteing made an official announcement regarding the distressing event on his Instagram Sunday. The caption read, “This morning I woke up with the smile, starting the fittings for my next show at 9am and this is what happened…50 Balmain pieces stolen. Our delivery was hijacked. The camion got stolen.”

Although the news of th

Bright, Bold, and Brilliant - Popular 70s Styles in Again

Amongst fall’s most popular trends, this season is a throwback to one of fashion’s most iconic eras: the ’70s.

It was time for passionate change to be reflected within the fashion industry. Known for its exuberant patterns, risqué hemlines, and effortless forms, the ’70s was an era for the books. The same passion has affected some of our favorite style icons today. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Lizzo, and Beyonce indulge in the nostalgic styles of the ’70s, continuing to prove it

Chemena Kamali Is The New Creative Director of 'Chloé'

New Chloé creative director Chemena Kamali comes back to the brand full circle.

As the season progresses, a significant shift in the creative sector of the fashion industry continues to take place. Chemena Kamali is no exception to the transitioning era of creative directors. Though the news of Kamali’s succession as the new creative director for Chloé is no surprise, it’s no less exciting for the fashion world.

The German-born designer began her career working under Phoebe Philo. “Kamali, a g

Curate a Lifelong Capsule Luxury Handbag Collection to Fit Your Style

Want to know how to curate a lifelong capsule luxury handbag collection carefully selected to fit your style?

You’re in luck. We will review some of the best tips and suggestions for starting or building on a luxury handbag collection. That being said, creating a capsule wardrobe in general can feel overwhelming, hence why it’s best to take a step back and categorize your wardrobe down to accessories, shoes, and clothing. Today, we will focus on one of the best accessories fashion offers: the h

Daniel Lee's New ‘It’ Color for Burberry

Daniel Lee’s London fashion show gestured a massive farewell to his Bottega Green and a symbolic hello to his latest Burberry Blue.

Burberry’s new creative director, Daniel Lee, launched his second collection with the brand earlier this week on Monday. “He started with that blue; a new logo that brought back the Prorsum knight, the mounted gallant whose banner, in English, reads ‘Forward’; and, in his first collection, playing around with the brand’s signature plaid, inflating the pattern to en

Dries van Noten Wants in on Fashion’s Latest Trend of an Eco-Friendly Focus

Belgian designer Dries Van Noten wants in on fashion’s latest trend of an eco-friendly focus—a key factor influencing many existing and upcoming brands.

If recent news has told us anything, sustainable fashion is a primary focus in the industry right now. For brands like Atelier Jolie, Chloé, and even the recent release of Phoebe Philo’s namesake label, there is one common theme among them all—sustainably and ethically sourced fashion. Now, Belgian designer Dries Van Noten wants his brand to sh

Entering a New Age in Fashion: The Return of Black Leggings

There’s a new age in fashion where black leggings are chic again—this time with a more creative twist.

Who remembers Audrey Hepburn in one of her most iconic minimalist looks? This is a hint for those still scanning Google search results. It’s a look from her 1957 film, Funny Face. She’s wearing a simple black long-sleeve top, the sleeves pulled up to give it that quarter-length look, a pair of black high-waisted leggings, and black ballet flats.

It was a simple statement, so loud, it became a

Faux Leather Craze Is a Faux Vegan Fix and It’s Not as Sustainable as We Think

The recent faux leather craze many brands are participating in is a faux vegan fix, and it’s not as sustainable as we think.

There isn’t a fashion brand in which faux leather pieces don’t exist. Not long ago, the idea of synthetic leather excited many in the fashion industry, for businesses and consumers alike. The newly revived concept of having a guilt-free version of leather items began to circulate in the market. Why wouldn’t it? You get the leather skirt you wanted without paying the hefty

Gucci Radiates Heritage in New Milan Spring Show

Gucci’s creative director, Sabato De Sarno, portrayed the true heritage that is Gucci in his debut show in Milan.

In a previous article from Vogue, Sabato De Sarno dangled a minute sample of what to expect from his debut show in Milan. A return to the legacy of Gucci in a way that modernized the elegance of the brand’s heritage. De Sarno’s Gucci Ancora was a celebration of life, an appreciation for all that already exists and brings happiness.

Though simple in their foundation, De Sarno’s piec

H&M’s New Studio A/W23 Collection Redefines Fast Fashion Mindset

H&M’s new Studio A/W23 collection launched, and it’s redefined everything we know about the fast fashion industry.

The not-so-eco-friendly reputation of fast fashion brands like H&M is nothing new. However, in 2013, H&M decided to launch their Studio collection. The concept is a complete 180 from the brand’s original stance. This year will make ten years the Studio collection cultivated atelier in the fast fashion world.

Head of Design and Creative Advisor at H&M, Ann-Sofie Johansson, in an H&

How to Style an On-the-Go Lunch Date Look: Winter Edition

Here’s how to style an on-the-go lunch date look, the winter edition.

Winter dressing can feel repetitive, mainly when most days consist of a jumper, long coat, and possibly boots. It can often discourage you from meeting your mates for a quick lunch date. Fortunately, yours truly has curated a list of styling tips on elevating a winter look quickly and effortlessly.

Sometimes, people tend to gravitate toward the most exciting thing in their closet to make an outfit fun or unique. The very pie

J. Crew Is Back With a New Mission to Steal Our Hearts Again

It’s a blast from the past, with J. Crew returning with a new mission to steal our hearts and money again.

There was a time when J. Crew’s blazers, button-up blouses, and dress pants held a special place in almost every woman’s closet. However, the enthusiasm the brand once evoked in its consumers for some time faded. The name J. Crew became a logo of reminiscing, not one of longing. Although, much to consumers’ surprise, there is an eager, giddy feeling reignited when you pass the brand’s disp

JW Anderson and A.P.C Collaboration Is a New Fabulous Fall Must-Haves

JW Anderson and A.P.C. collaboration is a new fabulous fall fashion must-have with a historical twist.

It’s not the first time in fashion history a designer has used famous artwork to inspire their collections. However, Jonathan Anderson and brand A.P.C. decided this time to build a fall collection stimulated by performance artist Joseph Beuys’ 1974 I Like America and America Likes Me. “In May 1974, Beuys embarked on a symbolic protest against the Vietnam War by flying from Dusseldorf to New Yo

LAFW Presents New Innovative Fashion Tech and LA Designers

From October 18 to 22, L.A. Fashion Week by N4xt Experiences presents new innovative fashion tech and upcoming L.A. designers.

This year will be the second season of N4xt Experiences organizing L.A. Fashion Week. Last year’s LAFW conveyed sustainability themes, vibrant colors, and eclectic designs. This year will be just as refreshing. And with the first brand to commence L.A. Fashion Week, Imitation of Christ, there’s no doubt it will be a refreshing experience.

“Organized in the exhibition r

London Born Chioma Nnadi, New British Vogue Editorial Head

The London-born editor of Vogue US, Chioma Nnadi, is returning home following her acceptance for the position of head of editorial content for British Vogue.

Chioma Nnadi was the previous editor of Vogue’s US website. Nnadi began working for Vogue in 2010. Ten years later, in 2020, she was appointed editor of Vogue.

Her current work for the website includes: “Timothée Chalamet on French-guy hair, filming with Scorsese, and being the new face of Bleu de Chanel,” “The 66 best Met Gala dress-code

Longchamp’s New It-Bag Graces Street Style Fashion in France

The streets of Paris have spoken. Longchamp’s new Roseau Essential Hobo Bag is in this season and taking over French street-style fashion.

Almost every fashion guru in France is seen walking the streets with this particular bag slung over their shoulder. What bag has taken the fashion industry by storm? It’s not any of the Hermes quota bags, and it’s not Louis Vuitton. However, it is a bag from another well-known and highly underestimated French luxury brand. The handbag in question is Longcham

Look Stylishly Expensive Without Paying the Price for It

If looking stylishly expensive without paying the price for it is the name of the game for you, then you’ve come to the right place.

This winter season, the trends are so irresistibly mindful and sensible, making it even more difficult to withstand the shopping itch. As the season progresses, many current styles consist of cashmere sweaters, metallics, and a ton of sequins. Thankfully, many of the best high-street fashion brands came through with consumer demands.

One of the best trends this s

LVMH to Follow Suit in New Craftsmanship Trend in Paris

LVMH plans to follow the new craftsmanship trend many other luxury companies are pursuing.

It’s no secret that recent demands for luxury fashion have catapulted brands worldwide to forgo their own luxury…time. Status and exclusivity were not the only vital conditions for purchasing luxury items. The guaranteed long-term investment for certain luxury items propagated the mindset, “It will last a lifetime, it will never go out of style, and it’s a classic.”

Dr. Martina Olbert, The Meaning Expert

Lyst Index’s Hottest Brand This Year Awarded to Miu Miu

Miu Miu has habitually carried the high-spirited, youthful, and vividly exceptional Yang to Prada’s more sophisticated Yin. The fascination and popularity of the brand is no surprise. This past year alone, Miu Miu’s collaborations attentively targeted the younger consumers in the luxury market. “Miu Miu has embraced collaboration while dominating the Gen-Z market, launching footwear partnerships with Church’s and New Balance throughout the year,” states Andrea Sacal from Hypebeast.

“From July t

Marks & Spencer Now Back on Top for UK Womenswear Sales

One of the UK’s biggest retailers, Marks & Spencer, is now back on top in womenswear sales.

Some time has passed since the name Marks & Spencer was uttered from one’s mouth. The last time any M&S clothing crossed paths with our line of sight was most likely when our grandmothers were pulling an old dress or coat from their closet. That is no longer the case for England’s well-loved womenswear label.

According to a recent press release from M&S, the brand’s campaign, Reshaping M&S, yielded succ
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